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Do you offer wholesale/resale opportunities?

Yes, we do offer special discounted pricing when purchasing large volumes. 

Through the amazing effectiveness of our products we have built a strong online presence through word of mouth and the online recommendations of our users (Some of whom are world renowned celebrities). We would rather focus on the science behind our products and the latest breakthroughs in the male enhancement industry than on directly managing brick & mortar or other offline distribution channels. We would rather build partnerships with existing distributors, store owners, doctors wishing to provide our products to their patients in office, and even enthusiastic users like you who are serious about spreading the word about how well our products work while making some extra money at the same time!

Please note however that we generally do NOT allow you to list them online for resale without prior written consent from us. Resale must either be through offline channels OR you can only sell them online through direct solicitation that is not publicly viewable. This deserves explanation, For example you cannot create a listing on ebay, amazon, or your own personal online store or website to sell them, also you cannot post them for sale publicly in a forum or other public online media. You CAN however post on your private face book (must be private not public or search engine accesible) to get the word out to people and have them buy them from you, other acceptable online uses would be emailling or private messaging people about buying them (This includes newsletter emails), posts in a private forum, listing in a members only area of a website. Auction sites are prohibited no matter what though. We are saddened to have to implement such polices but after many prior abuses of our wholesale program by people with malicious intent we feel such rules are best for the protection of the users of our products.

The minimum purchase to qualify for wholesale status is 50 units.

With wholesale status you will get:
  • Reseller & Distributor Rights (Offline sales only without prior written consent)
  • Re-orders @ same discounted price (re-order must be minimum 15 units)
  • Marketing Materials.
  • Orders of 200 units or more get exclusive distribution rights for their local region.
Mom & Pop Adult Stores can get an exemption from the 50 unit minimum as long as you provide paperwork proving you own such an adult brick & mortar store.  Please contact customer support for examples of acceptable forms of business identification.